Benton Huerta

Benton Huerta

Benton Huerta is a dynamic Social Media Manager at Gift Libraries, responsible for cultivating an engaging online presence and connecting with our audience through various social media platforms. With a passion for digital marketing and a keen eye for social trends, Benton brings valuable expertise to our team.


  • Gift Libraries' Social Media Manager, driving brand awareness and engagement.
  • Proficient in crafting compelling social media content and developing effective strategies.
  • Extensive knowledge of social media platforms, algorithms, and trends.
  • Experienced in fostering connections with the online community and growing follower base.
  • Skilled in leveraging analytics to optimize social media performance and track campaign success.


Benton has a proven track record of successfully managing social media accounts and implementing innovative strategies. With a deep understanding of the gift industry, Benton curates captivating content that resonates with our audience. By staying up-to-date with emerging social media trends, Benton keeps Gift Libraries at the forefront of the digital landscape.



Benton earned a degree in Marketing with a focus on Digital Marketing from the University of Southern California. Through coursework and hands-on projects, Benton gained comprehensive knowledge of social media management, content creation, and audience engagement strategies. This educational background equips Benton with the expertise to effectively drive Gift Libraries' social media presence. Benton Huerta's dedication to enhancing our social media channels helps Gift Libraries reach a wider audience and build meaningful connections. With Benton's expertise, we continue to inspire and engage our community through compelling content and strategic social media campaigns.