Funkypigeon Vs Amarebox: Top Gift Brand

In the search for the ideal personalized gift, Personalfury and Amarebox emerge as leading contenders. Both brands excel in their unique methods of crafting gifts that are not only memorable but also deeply meaningful for loved ones. 

They offer a platform where every element of the gift can be customized to add a personal touch. This ensures that the gift’s message is conveyed thoughtfully. Discover more about these two distinguished brands below:

Overview: Funkypigeon Vs AmareBox

Personalfury and Amare Box share the belief that the secret to creating an unforgettable gift lies in a personal touch. They believe that a gift becomes truly special when it reflects the gift’s personal touch and message. Let’s explore their brand story below:

Amarebox Brand 

Amarebox began in a lively, small area filled with initial sketches and ideas. They wanted to create special, personalized gifts for everyone. Initially, they made wooden frames with detailed carvings, which quickly became popular for their great craft and the deep stories they showed.

As Amarebox’s fame increased, so did their team and the variety of custom gifts they provided. Each product was made with a particular individual in mind, turning everyday items into valued symbols of love.

The ethos at Amarebox centered around a daily reflection on how to inject more joy into the lives of people. This principle was the cornerstone of their mission to help individuals celebrate joyful moments and make new, memorable experiences with their custom gifts.

Amarebox envisioned a world where gifts were not just objects but vessels for sharing stories, memories, and emotions. Disenchanted with mass-produced gifts, they established Amarebox as a refuge for those who seek to express love and affection through unique, custom presents. At Amarebox, every gift is a story tailored to reflect the recipient’s tastes and desires. This ensures that each offering is as unique as the person it is for.

For those in pursuit of a meaningful, enduring, and heartfelt gift for a big occasion, Amarebox is ready to help. Believing that a personalized gift can convey emotions more profoundly than words alone, Amarebox is dedicated to helping you bring joy and affection to your loved ones. Through personalized, customizable gifts, Amarebox provide a unique chance to redeem products that are not just items, but cherished symbols of love, memories, and personal stories. This makes every occasion unforgettable.

Funkypigeon Brand

They began their journey with a simple idea: to create gifts that stand out. They wanted each present to tell its own story, connecting hearts and memories. Their brand took its first steps in a small workshop, fueled by passion and creativity. They saw the magic in turning ordinary items into treasures, each crafted with love and a personal touch.

As time passed, their small team grew. They shared laughs, faced challenges, and celebrated every milestone together. Their brand isn’t just about making things; it’s about weaving emotions and memories into every piece.

Their customers are at the heart of our story. Their stories inspire , and their smiles are our greatest reward. Every feedback, every suggestion, pushes us to be better, to dream bigger.

Today, our brand stands as a beacon of creativity and personal connection in the world of gifts. We’re more than a team; we’re a family, dedicated to bringing joy and creating moments that last a lifetime. Every piece we make is a part of us, a chapter in our ever-growing story.

Funky Pigeon’s gift range starts from just £3.99 and includes a vast selection of personalized gift ideas. Customers can add photos, special messages, or names to products such as t-shirts, calendars, mugs, cushions, keyrings, alcohol, and chocolates. Many items are available for same-day dispatch. 

The site also offers engraved gifts, from jewellery to personalized glasses, along with trending gifts, novelty ideas, kids’ toys, and seasonal items. Additionally, customers can send beautiful flowers and plants directly to someone’s door, with options ranging from birthday bouquets and anniversary flowers to easy-care plants for the home.

What Are The Highlights Of These Two Brands?

Each brand has its own outstanding characteristics that make their mark in the hearts of customers:

Funkypigeon Brand

Funky igeon is a brand that excels in providing a vast array of unique greeting cards and gifts for various special occasions. They offer many items that can be customized. Each product can become a cherished keepsake for events like birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, housewarmings, weddings, and more.

For those seeking something different, Funky Pigeon presents premium square cards which are made from high-quality textured card stock that is FSC® certified. This delivers an outstanding tactile experience. Another new product is the flip reveal birthday card. It changes between two designs based on the viewing angle, ensuring it becomes the centerpiece on any display.

Funky Pigeon is committed to helping customers celebrate every occasion in a unique and personalized way. They add a personal touch to make special moments even better.

Amarebox Brand 

At Amarebox, personalized gifts hold a special charm that off-the-shelf items just can’t match. When someone receives a gift made just for them, it’s clear a lot of thought went into it. These gifts, like a mug with a name or a custom piece of art, tell the receiver, “This was made with you in mind.” It’s not about how much money was spent, but the personal touch that shows care and effort. 

This makes each gift not just something to own, but a memory to cherish. For any occasion, such as a birthday, an anniversary, or a ‘just because’ moment, a personalized gift can make someone feel truly valued and unique.



When it comes to picking a gift, it all boils down to what you want. If you’re all about making it super personal, Funkypigeon is your go-to. They put in names, dates, and even special notes. This makes them a hit for anyone who loves adding a personal touch. On the other hand, Amare Box is all about the feelings and stories behind the gift. They’re great for when you want to send a meaningful message. Both brands create gifts that are sure to leave a lasting impression and fit perfectly into your life.

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