What Flower Is For 55th Wedding Anniversary? Gifts & Ideas

Anniversaries are special occasions that mark the passage of time in a loving relationship. Each year is associated with unique symbols, traditional gifts, and even flowers. So, in this article, we focus on the 55th wedding anniversary, a remarkable milestone in any couple’s life.

What Flowers Represent the 55th Wedding Anniversary

The Calla Lily flower is a beautiful symbol for the 55th wedding anniversary. These flowers symbolize fidelity, purity, and holiness. In addition, their origin is rooted in ancient Greek culture, so they will represent magnificent beauty. So they are suitable to represent beautiful love that lasts 55 years

Therefore, on your 55th anniversary, giving your lover a Calla Lily is a great idea. It shows your love and belief in your relationship’s growth. It means you want your bond to stay pure, faithful, and elegant as time goes on.

calla lily

Other Flower Options

For 55 years of marriage, you can also give another lovely flower, each bringing its own symbolism and charm. Here we suggest some options to help you choose:

  • Roses: A symbol of love and passion, roses are always a good choice. Especially, red roses embody deep love and respect in a 55-year-long relationship. When choosing, you can combine roses with Cala Lilies creating unique and romantic.
  • Orchids: Known for their beauty, orchids signify love and hope. You can buy a bouquet of lilies and orchids that would beautifully, express a strong, devoted love.
  • Daisies: These simple yet charming flowers symbolize innocence and loyal love, perfectly expressing a bond that’s grown over time.
  • Peonies: These blooms represent romance and prosperity and are often bought to celebrate a happy marriage. You can combine them with the beautiful look of Calla Lilies, creating a luxurious and romantic bouquet to give.

55th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The world of anniversary gifts is wide and diverse, So, we provide you with numerous options to choose from:


The 55th wedding anniversary is usually celebrated with emeralds, which are special stones that are famous for their bright green color, symbolizing life and love in a marriage that’s still strong after all these years

Thus, this makes emeralds a great gift for a couple who have been married for 55 years. You could give an emerald ring, necklace, or earrings as a gift. These could be very thoughtful and beautiful presents.

Emerald jewelry

Vintage Wine

If you can find it, a bottle of wine from the year of their marriage would be a unique and special gift. This can be enjoyed as part of the anniversary celebrations. You could prepare a delicious meal, set the table with candles and flowers, and enjoy it with a bottle of wine you’ve purchased.

Personalized items

To celebrate 55 years of marriage, the couple can design items with the couple’s names or the date of their wedding on their own. Keepsakes made of glass or crystal are also popular choices.

Some Ideas To Celebrate 55th Years Of Marriage

Whether you prefer intimate celebrations or grand events, there are many ways to commemorate your 55th anniversary. Here we provide you with some ideas to celebrate:

Cooking together

Cooking together can be an intimate, fun, and satisfying experience. Why not cook your favorite meals together? Better yet, prepare a dish that includes ingredients that are emerald green or orchid purple.

Create a memory book

Gather photos, and stories from your 55 years together and compile them into a memory book. This will express your love and devotion. Moreover,  shared the journey you’ve taken together.

Anniversary trip

There’s nothing like a romantic holiday to celebrate 55 years of marriage. This could be a trip to a place the couple has always wanted to visit, or a return to where they spent their honeymoon.

Family gatherings

For many, the best way to celebrate a 55th anniversary is a gathering with family and friends. This special time is a chance for you to share your joy and express the many wonderful years you and your lover have spent together.

Wedding anniversary


The Calla Lily, renowned for its representation of love, purity, and sanctity, is an excellent choice for 55 years of marriage. Incorporating this stunning flower into your wedding anniversary will add meaningful beauty. Additionally, you could combine this with a family gathering or a shared cooking experience, and more to celebrate this milestone. It’s a moment to cherish and honor the enduring love you share.


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