20 Best Fortnite Gifts For Boys: How To Make Your Son The Happiest Person

If your son is a Fortnite fan and his birthday is coming, you must be looking for some Fortnite gift ideas that make your son feel the joy of victory.

There are numerous options to consider. It would be best to think about your son’s personality, hobby, and age to opt for the best one.

This article will recommend the most popular Fortnite gifts for boys that your son may like. Let’s check! 

Best Fortnite Gifts For Boys

This Fortnite gift guide will introduce you to the top-selling toys and items for boys. There must be one perfect gift that your son is dreaming of. 

1. Characters Zombies Wall Decor

Characters Zombies Wall Decor

The Zombie Character is a wonderful way to go for any Fortnite fanboys. This wall decor can make any house look more lively and vibrant. 

By utilizing canvas, you’ll have unique access to modern artwork that constantly refreshes the space. Thanks to the robust canvas material, the battle royale world is coming into the living room. 

The best part is that there’s no need to frame or paint anything because the canvases are ready for you to hang right away. High-density padding also comes with the photos. This addition compresses the prints firmly.

The lively pictures can display on the wall 

The lively pictures can display on the wall 

2. Dark Voyager Hoodie 

Dark Voyager Hoodie

Dark Voyager Hoodie

One of the greatest Fortnite gifts for kids must be a hoodie since it fits all, especially boys.

A hoodie is an ideal way to keep your son’s head safe while keeping his body comfortable and warm. 

This hoodie comes from a comfy cotton and polyester hybrid to keep the wearer warm throughout the day. 

The hood also has some fleece lined to keep out chilly wind and snow, and the pockets are big enough to fit belongings.

The printing technology allows manufacturers to produce an incredibly vivid item and never fades, peels, cracks, or flakes.

The hoodie is versatile. Your son can wear it at school, on the street, or even at home.

Hoodies never get old 

Hoodies never get old 

3. Mares Bedding Set

Mares Bedding Set

Fortnitemare’s bedding set always stays among the best Fortnite gift ideas for Fortnite fans. With the brilliant pictures, your little son can take his favorite characters to his sleep. 

With just a quick look at its gorgeous design, you’ll understand that it’s not just about aesthetics but also about feeling comfortable.

This bedding set will transform your kid’s bedroom into a peaceful oasis. It is excellent for those looking to establish a quiet, easy-to-maintain setting. It also comes with attention, sturdy stitching, and stain resistance.

The creative team has designed a superb bedding set that will perform optimally in elegance and relaxation by combining the values of style and performance.

Your son will love smooth textiles. You can also expect temperature-regulating microfiber that helps him sleep well.

The lavender quilt’s rich tone adds to the relaxation, making the kid’s sleeping space always calm and lively at the same time. 

4. Battle Royale Quilt

Battle Royale Quilt

This quilt is another Fortnite gift that helps your kid with his sleep. Your son can also use the quilt as a blanket while lying on the sofa and enjoying weekend movies. 

The quilt is suitable for both chilly and hot nights. It’s a high-end design with long-lasting threads for even sewing and thick stitches.

The quilt’s beautiful stitching on the double-fold borders ensures that it will stand up to time. 

The fabric is brilliant and resilient. Thanks to the advanced printing technology, you don’t need to worry about the quilt peeling or fading.

This Fortnite-themed quilt is available in different sizes. You can choose the best one that fits your little son best.

Let your child sleep in a fantastic way 

Let your child sleep in a fantastic way 

5. Car Seat Covers

Car Seat Covers

Car Seat Covers

As a Fortnite fan, your son loves to see everything around him look like the game set. As a result, choosing a car seat cover should be among the great gift ideas. 

This Fortnite gift is also an ideal solution for keeping your kid’s car seat clean and comfortable.  

Thanks to the elastic backing and attaching method, the cover perfectly fits the most standard vehicle and SUV chairs.

Unlike a sheet or towel, the silky microfiber material won’t trap pet hair or lint.

The cover is machine washable and available in a range of exciting colors and patterns to match your preferences.

Seat Covers offer the highest quality standards and are custom-made to complement any vehicle.

The covers, which feature everything from brave dragons to gorgeous eagles, look beautiful while supporting your son’s back. Allow these animal companions to keep your little passengers busy from dawn to dusk.

His commuting will be more fun and comfortable

His commuting will be more fun and comfortable

6. Custom Curtains

Your boy is old enough to have his own room and decorate his private space to his preference. 

In this case, one of the best gift ideas is the curtain, which blocks others’ eyes out of his room, and then he can immerse himself in his own world. 

There are many options to pick from. However, no matter what picture you opt for, the printing technology will make it natural and appealing. 

The non-toxic rubber layer protects whatever is behind it from mold and coloring chemicals. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about safety precautions.

7. Gaming Keyboard

In the world of gaming, nothing can beat a keyboard set. If you prepare a big event for your son, you can invest in expensive Fortnite gifts, like this gaming keyboard. 

The illumination on the keyboard is colorful. 39 letters never fade, and 39 non-conflict keys enable the user to simultaneously press and hold different keys.

Thanks to the comfortable wrist support, your youngster will have a pleasant typing experience. The wrist rest is also one of the most outstanding features of this product. 

A mouse comes with the set. Your son will surely love the automatic LED light changing and adjustable DPI features. All of these things make this set the most loved gift idea for Fortnite fans.

A keyboard set is important for real gamers

A keyboard set is important for real gamers

8. Pump Action Dart Blaster

If your little boy always dreams of playing Fortnite in real life, why don’t you let his dream come true? This blaster will help you make things easier. 

The Nerf Fortnite blaster is a version of the original blaster seen in the famous Fortnite video game. It has the same style and colors.

Eight Nerf Mega darts come in each set. Dart storage is available in the stock. As a result, your youngster may have four backup darts close at hand for rapid reloading.

Official Nerf Darts are long-range darts that have passed tests and approvals for their quality and performance. Your son can play them on his own without any risk. 

The foam with elastic, hollow tips is another benefit of this gaming set. Thanks to the tips, your child will be able to handle the blaster more easily. 

9. Nintendo Switch

If you don’t want your son to spend hours in front of the computer, a console is one of the best Fortnite gifts to consider. 

With the Nintendo Switch Special Edition package, it’s time to deploy the Battle Bus and jump into a 100-player battle anywhere, anytime.

Nintendo Switch is a revolutionary video gaming console for home use. It links to a TV and converts into a handheld device on the move, thanks to its 6.2-inch display.

For the first time, players may get a complete home-console game set whenever and wherever they want. Playing Fortnite is never easier than this.

Your kid is free to play the game everywhere

Your kid is free to play the game everywhere

10. Cloudstrike Glider Drone

This Fortnite-themed toy is a great gift idea that you need to prepare for your son’s upcoming birthday. 

This toy is simple to use. To take off or land, your youngster only has to click once. 

The glider can fly up to 60 to 80 meters in the air and has altitude retention, making it simple to stay balanced.

For easy navigation, this Fortnite present has a 6-axis gyroscope as well as infrared collision avoidance.

This awesome gift is most suitable for kids from eight years old who know where to play it safely. 

11. PlayStation Wireless Headset

PlayStation Wireless Headset

PlayStation Wireless Headset

When your son turns ten or older, you can consider quitting toys for great gift ideas. A pair of the headset is also a nice try. 

In amazing 7.1 digital surround sound, your son can hear everything from enormous booms to whisper-quiet alerts. He may also use the noise-canceling mics to chat to his buddies.

The headset is comfortable enough for your boy to use for hours in terms of design. Your child can further customize his image by replacing the detachable faceplates with ones that suit him better.

You can try this Fortnite edition. Your child will love it so much since he can improve the gaming experience.

Headphones make his listening experience more interesting

Headphones make his listening experience more interesting

12. Fortnite Action Figures

Fortnite Action Figures

Fortnite Action Figures

Fortnite Action Figures are great Fortnite gifts that boys will like to play with friends. Some even build their collection and display it in their bedroom to be proud of. 

All the figures in the set have famous outfits from this epic game. It also includes a map poster, allowing players to gather and start a fake fight for lands. 

The materials for these models are mainly plastic. Thanks to the adaptability of plastic, the figures appear vivid and excellent, like stepping straight from the screen. 

When the Battle Royale ends, your son can arrange these figures on his bookshelf. Thanks to the size, he can also bring his favorite character along with him anywhere he goes. 

13. Official Fortnite Backpacks

Official Fortnite Backpacks

Official Fortnite Backpacks

Some parents think that great gifts are those kids can use every day. If you are among them, a Fortnite backpack is a perfect solution. 

This backpack is big enough to hold a laptop. Your child can bring it to school to pack his books and other belongings at ease. 

There are also some internal storage compartments and two water bottle pockets. This backpack turns out to be multi-purpose since it can handle such things. 

The design is simple yet attractive, with colorful highlights catching others’ attention.

Be ready for school with cool backpacks 

Be ready for school with cool backpacks 

14. Drift Fortnite Costume

Boys like to become his favorite character in movies and games. Hence, if your son is a real Fortnite fan, buy him this costume, and he will appreciate it a lot. 

This Fortnite gift idea includes a Kitsune mask that resembles the Drift. You can also notice the layered twofer jacket with a long outer layer to bring a sense of adventure. 

The best part must be the fingerless gloves to complete a perfect set for Fortnite fans. They are also the most famous Drift’s signature. 

The costume has different sizes, from small to extra large, that can fit your kid every time Halloween is near. 

15. Board Game

Board Game

Board Game

This thrilling gift idea is best for 13 years old or older boys. Your son will be eager to play Fortnite without getting bored or tired. 

This version of Monopoly takes inspiration from famous Fortnite characters! It’s not about how much money the players have but how long they survive. 

The properties in the Fortnite board game are well-known places. Players must acquire health point chips rather than Monopoly money to stay in the match.

First, the players choose a character from one of 27 fantastic costumes. Then, it’s time to go to war. 

Players can use the action dice to collect health packs, build barriers, and inflict harm against their rivals.

When a player passes through, the storm comes. The player has to dodge it, or you will lose points. The last person standing will win.

Your child can play with his friends

Your child can play with his friends

16. Fortnite 2022 Calendar

Fortnite 2023 Calendar

Fortnite 2023 Calendar

With this fantastic Fortnite calendar spotlighting some of his favorite characters, your youngster can show off his enthusiasm for the game that has taken the globe by storm.

There’s also plenty of room to jot down his goals when he’s not playing games, which is essential for staying organized in 2022.

The design and prints are attractive enough to shine everywhere your kid places them. It is also a timely reminder for him. It can make some marks for special dates in the year. 

17. Loot Llama

Loot Llama

Loot Llama

More than 20 attachments are present in the Fortnite Loot Llama, including a unique 4-inch Dark Voyager action figure, as well as epic and legendary weapons, Back Bling, and many more.

Two special graffiti sprays of this Fortnite gift have eight stone construction elements. 

Your son will be able to acquire and link construction materials in order to assemble constructions.

As the 4-inch model stands, he may also use the building supplies independently. A child’s imagination has no bounds.

The material for this toy is wood, which is safe and eco-friendly. Yet, the colors are still attractive enough to earn your kid’s love. 

18. Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns

Nerf Guns

This option is another nerf gun on the list but don’t worry. Your little boy never has enough toy weapons. 

Your kid can quickly put the clip into the gun, slide the priming screw back and forth, and launch a dart by pressing the trigger.

This blaster comes with a scope that your kid can attach and detach. He may use this tool to line up the sights on his target, which will help him shoot more precisely.

The package includes a clip that can hold up to six darts. It also comes with 12 Nerf Elite darts that have gone through an overall test for performance and quality.

Shooting game is popular among boys 

Shooting game is popular among boys 

19. Battle Bus Deluxe

When the holiday season is coming, you can give your son this gift, and he will have a fun game for this party. 

The 4-inch highly-articulated Jonesy and Tomato Head figures, as well as characters with more than 25 points of articulation, are all available in this fantastic toy.

Your child will let the party in through the rear and side gates. The party will never end with Fortnite characters, disco lights, and trendy music.

20. Builder Set 

Builder Set 

Builder Set 

If your son is a big Fortnite fan, you can’t miss this option. The set allows him to boost his imagination and build his construction skills. 

The set also brings the most important Fortnite construction to life. This kit includes an articulated Black Knight figure as well as a plethora of accessories to enable your child to create his own universe.

This gift idea works well whether your son plays on his own or with friends. He can play the role of the knight, who uses weapons to complete his mission.

You can encourage your son to experiment with the new Fortnite game in real life by adding more obstacles. With your creativity, he will never get bored with this game. 


Popular Fortnite gaming accessories include gaming headsets, controllers, mouse pads, keyboards, and console carrying cases. These accessories enhance the gaming experience and make great gifts for Fortnite players.

Are there any Fortnite toys for younger children?

Yes, there are Fortnite toys designed specifically for younger children. These can include plush toys, puzzles, board games, and building sets that offer a more age-appropriate Fortnite experience.

Where can I find Fortnite action figures?

Fortnite action figures can be found in various toy stores, online marketplaces, and official Fortnite merchandise retailers. You can also check out the official Fortnite website for licensed merchandise.


Many Fortnite-themed gift ideas fit your son. It all comes down to his preference and your budget for choosing the best one. 

No matter what you buy, your son will appreciate it because his parents, at least, know what he loves and spend time on his hobby. You can learn more about the game from this video for more ideas. 

Hopefully, you will find the Fortnite gift guide in this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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