Top 50+ Gift Ideas For Football Lovers [2023 Gift Guides]

The football season is an excellent opportunity to show the football fan in your life that you think about them and their passion for the game so much.

Are you thinking of the best soccer gifts that will be appreciated? What special gift is really meaningful?

We’ve compiled a fantastic list of best gifts for football lovers. Take a look at our top recommendations and win the hearts of those who love you.

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Best Gifts For Football Lovers

Gifts for football fans and football players are interchangeable. Everybody will feel like a squad member with any of the following touchdown-worthy things.

There are far too many football-themed items accessible, including apparel, decor, accessories, football games, and actual equipment.

1. Football Blanket

Football Blanket

The first option for football gift ideas is this blanket. Just take a look at it, and you know why this item should be your way to go.

From the first glance, this football-themed design may interest everyone. It will be much more appealing if they are a football lover.

The printing technology allows the maker to create an incredibly vivid blanket that never fades, splits, or flakes.

2. Personalized Football Tumbler

Personalized Football Tumbler

When it comes to football gifts or gifts for any occasion, the tumbler is always one of the top picks. Why so?

First, you can customize it and design it yourself. Whoever receives it will feel like this present is the only tumbler in the world. 

Second, you can take this great gift everywhere. You are ready for any football game without getting a sore throat when you scream so much. 

3. Black And White Car Floor Mat

How to upgrade your driving experience and enjoy a football game atmosphere at the same time? Click on this item, and there you go.

The design is simple yet impressive. Passengers will immediately notice it when they step in since it brightens the car floor perfectly. 

This mat can be a good idea if you need practical football gifts. It’s more than just beautiful. The waterproofing material allows it to resist dirt and stain. Feel free to use it on rainy days to see how good it is. 

Black And White Car Floor Mat

4. Washington Go Football Car Seat Covers

Washington Go Football Car Seat Covers

This seat cover will be a great experience for football fans to lean on a sports-themed background when driving their vehicle.

These football gifts can work great for the long term because they are easy to maintain. You can put it in the washing machine without worrying about losing its shape or color.

The soft material is a great plus. Imagine that the football lover in your life is driving hundreds of miles to watch the football on this beautiful car cover. 

5. Football Lovers Poster Canvas

Football Lovers Poster Canvas

Posters are great football gifts because they showcase how you love this sport. You will also express your passion to others easily.

This canvas can motivate any sports fan or player whenever they look at it. The poster says everything that all of them need. 

The item is available in different sizes. If you want to use it as a gift, consider where the recipient should hang it and opt for the right one. 

6. Arizona Cardinals Hawaiian Shirt

Summer is hot, but this shirt can keep you cool. It comes in a beautiful pineapple pattern with hibiscus flowers and coconut palms, making the wearer look stylish on any occasion.

This polyester shirt features superb design work with abstract borders. It has become similar to aloha culture.

Just like the breathtaking view of the Hawaiian Islands, the brilliant colors and cheerful flowers will awaken your imagination.

Arizona Cardinals Hawaiian Shirt

7. Dallas Cowboys Hoodie

Dallas Cowboys Hoodie

The hoodie is an important item for everyone. You can buy these items as football gifts as well. The key is their pattern. 

If you think of a person with a low-key lifestyle, this idea works much better. The design is simple and fashionable, bringing your friend a new look while speaking his style simultaneously. 

Hoodies are great for football fans during the game day. They show you how to look great and enjoy the game without getting hot. 

8. Wisconsin Badgers Hawaiian Shirt

Wisconsin Badgers Hawaiian Shirt

If you like the idea of the Hawaiin shirt we have discussed previously, here comes another choice for it. Your summer wardrobe is not complete without this lovely shirt. It welcomes you to the “aloha” land.

The Wisconsin Badgers can please football lovers easily. They may also like the red tropical flowers and coconut palms. 

9. Football On Fire Bedding Set

If your football lovers often have insomnia, give them this bedding set. After working for a long time, they can fall asleep easier because they will immerse themselves in this stunning bedding set.

The manufacturer uses polyester fabric to make this bedding set. Thanks to its durability and breathability, this fabric is also the most popular material to produce these products.

This fabric also has the advantage of being less wrinkled, water-resistant, dust-proof. Moreover, it’s easy to wash, saving time when cleaning or flattening after each sleep.

Football On Fire Bedding Set

10. Football Stadium Window Curtains

Football Stadium Window Curtains

There is a thing that looks like a canvas but can work for more than decoration, and it’s the curtain.

This football stadium window curtain covers the window, leaving private space in your room. Things will be much more fantastic with the pattern it has. 

When closed, the two pieces form a stunning football stadium. The color effect even makes it more real. You can also add some light surrounding, and your stadium will shine. 

11. Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

Today, people don’t traditionally open their beer. They, instead, opt for a more convenient and sophisticated design for this task.

This wall-mounted bottle opener is an excellent idea to celebrate the victory of your favorite NFL football team. It stays in place forever, so do not worry about it getting lost.

If the recipient doesn’t like cleaning after every party, this item is for him. He won’t have to spend hours collecting the beer bottle caps since the device has a container to hold up to 50 caps.  

12. Big Joe Football Bean Bag

Big Joe Football Bean Bag

If you want a chair in many colors, materials, and forms, this Big Joe is available. Go for this football-shaped chair that your football lovers want to sit on all day.

Your little football enthusiast will be proud of any football-themed item in his house. This chair also allows him to move it around. He can set it up himself.

13. Burton and Burton Ceramic Chip Serving Set

Having some chips while watching the game on TV should be one of the best sports experiences. It would be even better if you got this ceramic set.

The set looks like a tiny stadium full of supporters, just like what you see on the TV now. Pour your chips on it, add some sauce in the football-like bowl of the set, and there you go.

People often give others ceramic dishes or cups to others because they are precious and elegant. Prepare this ceramic set for the football fans in your life, and they will appreciate it. 

Burton and Burton Ceramic Chip Serving Set

Burton and Burton Ceramic Chip Serving Set 

14. Customized Full-Size Football

Customized Full-Size Football

Nothing can beat an actual ball when choosing football gifts. The recipient can use it for different purposes, such as playing or just displaying. 

The customization even makes this great gift more attractive. Feel free to personalize it and give this one-of-a-kind ball to your beloved sports fan. 

Do not worry about the quality. Everything from design, printing technology, and material used to make it is excellent. 

15. Sports Charms Silver Football Pendant

Sports Charms Silver Football Pendant

We often buy a necklace because of its pendant rather than the chain. If this is your case, consider this silver pendant, and you won’t go wrong with it.

The silver charm shines everywhere, adding to the value of the item. It makes sense that silver is always among the most precious materials for necklaces.

And here comes the most beautiful part: its pendant shape. The football is not the rough one that you see in the stadium. It now can sparkle while expressing the sports spirit of the wearer. 

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16. YETI Water Cooler

YETI Water Cooler

This great gift is what every NFL team needs for their practice session and the game day. Even when they are playing on a summer day, the cooler can help them stay hydrated and cool.

The YETI product is everything a water cooler should be: a powerful hydration unit that keeps your water cold for several hours while still being durable enough to absorb pressure. 

A SurePour Spigot’s design enables a quick flow rate, allowing you to fill up and not to bother a long queue of people waiting for their turn. 

17. The Football Fanbook

The Football Fanbook

If your kid has recently shown his love for the sports game, this book is what he needs. The book includes fun facts to wow his friends, key numbers and events, the game’s unique slang, team tactics, and much more.

You kid will sound like a professional and dazzle his peers with his expertise. The book also encourages him to read more, which is a good habit but he has ignored for so long. 

There are many options for this idea. This video recommends the top books for fans, players, and coaches. Watch it carefully and choose the best one. 

18. Sunscreen Lotion

Sunscreen Lotion

What does a fan need when watching his favorite NFL team playing? Sunscreen may not be a popular choice for football gifts, but it’s indispensable in this case.

The lotion can protect your skin perfectly. It’s excellent for any situation, from the golf course, the pool, and even a harshly sunny beach.  

If you choose a great gift for a girl, consider this option first. Thanks to your present, she won’t be screaming and crying for her tanned skin. 

19. Football Gloves

Pro gear is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for football lovers. It allows them to look and feel like an expert. 

These gloves are of durable material. They come in different sizes that can fit people of all ages and genders. 

Football Gloves

Football Gloves

20. Aminco NFL Logo Square Cufflinks

Aminco NFL Logo Square Cufflinks

These authentic cufflinks allow anybody to express their enthusiasm for their favorite team even if they aren’t shouting for the Big Game in the bleachers.

These cufflinks have a stadium-like shape along with the salvaged material, making them a great gift idea on any occasion. 

21. Football Display Case Stand

Football Display Case Stand

Your friend has an actual football but doesn’t know how to display it beautifully. A case stand is what he needs right now. 

You don’t need to give someone expensive or luxurious things to show how much you love them. Observe to see what they really want. Then, they know you care for them a lot. 

22. Sport Squad End Zone Challenge

Are you trying to set up a backyard football game? Things turn out to be simple once you get this game set. 

This great gift idea is best for kids who always shout their hearts out for their favorite team and dream of becoming professional players. 

Buy this set for him, and help him put it up. Then, he can’t reduce his screen time and spend his day practicing his throwing skill. 

Sport Squad End Zone Challenge

23. Football Throw Pillow

Football Throw Pillow

In addition to the ball, the helmet is also a signature of the game. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” is an all-time favorite quote that any NFL team and fan wants to shout out for. 

It’s not only the slogan that makes it worthy. This pillow can help enhance your sleep quality. Be ready to sink in your peaceful dreams with the comfy helmet. 

24. Multi-function Snack Box Storage Box

Multi-function Snack Box Storage Box

Game season is coming. It’s time to kick back and chill while snacking and watching the matches on your phone. All you have to do is put your phone on the groove and enjoy. 

This perfect gift idea is super easy and convenient. Give it to your significant other and spend the entire holiday season with him.

25. NFL Spirit Series BBQ Grill Set

NFL Spirit Series BBQ Grill Set

You can express your sports spirit everywhere and every time, including your upcoming BBQ dinner in your backyard. 

Send the Grill King the present they truly want in this football season: an NFL barbecue set. This item will make him delighted that he could cry with joy.

The grill set also helps with your BBQ party while completely showing your team pride while you’re screaming for your favorite team on the game day.

26. Football Whiskey Stones

Football Whiskey Stones

These stainless steel stones are the perfect present for football fans. It can boost the drinking experience to the next level.

All you have to do is to put these rocks in your freezer and then drop them into your favorite drink for an ice-cold, non-watered-down treat.

This football gift package, which includes six football stones, can be a big hit and a big surprise. It can make any football fan’s heart dance.

27. Sportybella Football Bracelet

This trendy paracord bracelet is among the best football gift ideas. It’s simple yet stylish to fit any gender and age. 

If the wearer is going around the world and needs some high-quality accessories, the bracelet will come in handy. It’s also a terrific pleasure to wear it throughout the football season.

This bracelet with a football pendant in the middle is a beautiful present if you’re searching for a cheap option that won’t break your bank.

Sportybella Football Bracelet

28. Football Trainer Throwing Net

Football Trainer Throwing Net

Your little football fan will need to practice his throwing accuracy if they want to become a professional player. 

This target net is a fantastic present for any young player. He can spend hours working on his skills to prepare for future competitions. 

The net is also simple to set up. Your young football fan can carry it around until he finds the ideal spot for his practice session. 

29. Football 3D Lamp

Football 3D Lamp

Whether your little child needs a night light for security or you want to brighten your dark hallway, this 3D night light should be your way to go. 

This item can light up the atmosphere and the passion that your tiny football is crazy about. One feature that makes this item great is the color-changing feature. You can choose the best one that fits your room best.

30. Collapsible Water Bottle

Whether you’re on the field or watching a film while preparing for the next football season, staying hydrated is essential. Hydration is simple with this compact football-shaped bottle.

When the bottle is empty, it shrinks. Hence, users never have to worry about it taking up too much room when not in use. 

This bottle has a convenient clip and a no-spill cover for fast access. This feature makes the bottle one of the best football gifts every football fan should have while outside. 

Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible Water Bottle 

31. NFL Face Cover Mask

NFL Face Cover Mask

Face masks are an indispensable item when you go out. However, football fans can still show their love to their favorite NFL teams by putting on these NFL team logo masks.

The materials used to make these masks are of high quality and highly breathable. You can spend hours wearing it without feeling hot or tired. If you are hot, it must be due to the exciting atmosphere at the NFL game. 

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32. Rubber Inspirational Silicone Bracelet

Rubber Inspirational Silicone Bracelet

Football fans always need a little more motivation. These motivational wristbands with a football motif are a terrific reminder to keep their eyes on the target.

These wristbands are smooth to the touch since their materials are high-quality silicone. Moreover, they can suit most teenagers and adults.

These bracelets are a terrific present for the football fan in your life, whether he is a professional player or still works on his way. 

33. WILSON “The Duke” NFL Ball

If you are looking for a legitimate NFL item, never miss this ball. Football fans always dream of having something legendary that makes them feel proud. 

Whether they want to use the ball to perfect their throwing and catching skills or display it on the shelf, this NFL football is a surprise they’ll never forget.

WILSON "The Duke" NFL Ball

WILSON “The Duke” Ball

34. NFL Silk Touch Bath Robe

NFL Silk Touch Bath Robe

NFL Silk Touch Bath Robe

If the recipient loves relaxing in a nice silk bathrobe, this officially licensed gear will win his heart. 

These unisex bathrobes are among the best football gifts for both men and women. They’re extraordinarily soft and comfy.

Another plus if you get this football gift is the vast color selection. Consider the recipient’s skin color and hobby to select the best model.  

Then, no matter which side your loved one supports in the NFL game, he may cheer in comfort and warmth.

35. History Of The Football Uniforms Wall Art

History Of The Football Uniforms Wall Art

With this NFL poster, you can take a look back at the elegance of old uniforms across its history. The simplistic print is brilliant for a man cave, but it’s also delicate enough to rest in the middle of your living room. 

The print comes in three sizes and gives an intriguing glimpse into how players seemed like a couple of years ago.

36. NFL Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

NFL Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

A pair of headphones always make you look cool. They can be much cooler with your favorite team logo. 

If you want the recipient to keep the headphones as his treasure forever, try to figure out the NFL team he supports and their logo. 

37. NFL Unisex Handwarmer

NFL Unisex Handwarmer

This officially licensed NFL hand warmer is not a fanny item, but it’s a hundred times hotter. It is the actual one you have seen on the stadium during a big game day at Lambeau Field by Da Bears or the Packers.

The bag keeps your hands comfortable enough to view Aaron Rodgers’s score touchdowns just like the way it helps him do so. 

The quality adds to the selling point. It’s weather-resistant, soft, adjustable, and waterproof, so every sports fan loves it for sure. 

38. Finger Flick Football Game

Finger Flick Football Game

Finger Fl

Your kids will never get bored with football-related games. This game is so simple to set up but gets your kids addicted quickly.

Your kids will find it easy, entertaining, and more enjoyable than a Detroit Lions dramatic loss.

39. NFL Resin Team Logo Gnome

NFL Resin Team Logo Gnome

Put this Garden Gnome out front, and your home will turn out to be a cheerful place with a boost of great game vibes.

The friendly character comes from long-lasting resin and stands at a whopping 11.5″ tall. Your child can tease his friend by hiding one of his rival team’s players in his rose bushes.

40. Football Toss Game 

Tossing is beneficial for both entertaining activities and practicing football skills. With this inflatable toss goal, your child can get some exercise after dinner. 

The receiver is approximately 60″ tall, and the hole he has to shoot for is around 12″, so it’s just enough to challenge and keep him busy but not too much to annoy him.

41. Custom A House Divided Door Mat

Custom A House Divided Door Mat

The opposite is a fantastic idea for decoration. You can warn people before they attend your football party if you’ve fallen in love with somebody who has the guts to cheer for your rivalry squad.

This humorous doormat shows your favorite teams as well as “A House” and “Divided” in three different styles.

It’s a custom item. As a result, you are free to order your preferred slogan or design. Regardless of the pattern, the printing technique and high-quality material will make it look superb.

42. Custom Text and Color Championship Ring

This football gift is perfect for high school championships, college championships, league championships, and esports events. 

Even when your sweetheart may have stopped playing for a long time, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of a championship ring in the future. He can shine himself up in sporting fashion with these customized football rings.

You can also choose the ring design, the stone, and the text in the middle for him. The gift is a huge motivation for football players. 

Custom Text and Color Championship Ring

43. Football Kicker Player Necklace

Many football players like these customized items because of their sophisticated craftsmanship and awesome design. 

This custom necklace comes with a number. If you want to use it as a gift, make sure you get the recipient’s favorite number. 

44. Personalized Coach Portfolio

Personalized Coach Portfolio

This portfolio is a great gift for retirement, new job advancement, or graduation. But, it works best as an assistant for a football coach. 

The sophisticated design is a great plus. You will find it elegant, from curves and edges to color. And the leather cover completes this beautiful art. 

You can do one thing for the portfolio: put a fancy pen in the gift box. Then, you will have a wonderful gift set. 

45. NFL Bling Chrome License Plate Frame

NFL Bling Chrome License Plate Frame

Grab this frame without hesitation if the football enthusiast of your life loves driving and wants to decorate his car. 

Any sports enthusiast should have a license plate holder. How else can they check whose vehicle is safe to park beside? They’ll be driving in style with this frame on their whip for sure. 

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46. Football Name Sign

Football Name Sign

A little boy who is all-in on Pop Warner will be excited to have this customized football name sign hung on his wall. 

The wood monogram item comes in five sizes and a variety of colors to suit any little boy’s tastes. Pick up the one in his favorite color and expect to see him shout his lungs out.   

47. NHL League Hockey Map Jigsaw

NHL League Hockey Map Jigsaw

This officially licensed NFL puzzle collection encourages football lovers to spend hours with it for fun and their passion.

MasterPieces understands the importance of quality. As a result, the manufacturer works hard to guarantee that their products outlast, much like your child’s favorite NFL football team.

48. GoSports Coaches Boards

GoSports Coaches Boards

GoSports Coaches Boards 

Football coaches play a vital role in every football game. Hence, there are many football gift ideas meant for them.

This idea will appeal to college football fans because it will assist coaches of all levels, even if they train the college team. With the board, coaches can remain organized and make plans. It is also beneficial to the whole team.

This Coach Board has one double-sided, non-bending dry erase surface. It enables coaches to design the ideal strategy and express it to players in real-time.

49. Football Beer Glass

Football Beer Glass

Football fans shouldn’t raise a glass to their favorite team’s victory in a normal way. It would be amazing to give them something that brings them more fun. 

It’s time to celebrate the team’s pride with this fantastic beer glass. The football-shaped design makes it interesting and different from other cups. 

50. Football Number Necklace

Football Number Necklace

This necklace will end our list of gifts for football lovers. Why should you choose it for your football-obsessed friend?

This number necklace may express his support for his favorite sport, whether it’s football or another activity.

This unique number necklace can be the number from his jersey, the number of his favorite player, or his lucky number.


Choosing a gift can be challenging. However, if you know the recipient’s hobby, things turn out to be much easier. 

Football is a familiar theme that your local stores surely pick up. You can choose the best one from tons of choices available.

Hopefully, the gifts for football lovers we have shared can help cut down your shopping time and opt for the ideal choice. Thank you for reading!  


What are some unique gift ideas for football lovers?

  • Personalized football jerseys or team merchandise with their favorite player’s name and number.
  • Stadium seat cushions or portable reclining chairs for comfortable game-watching experiences.
  • Football-themed board games or trivia sets to test their knowledge and have fun with friends and family.

Are there any tech gadgets that football lovers would appreciate as gifts?

  • Smart TVs with high-definition displays and streaming capabilities for an immersive football-watching experience at home.
  • Wireless Bluetooth speakers or soundbars for superior audio quality during game celebrations or watch parties.
  • Virtual reality (VR) headsets that provide a unique way to experience football matches in a 360-degree virtual environment.

What are some budget-friendly gift ideas for football enthusiasts?

  • Football-themed mugs, coasters, or keychains for everyday use and to show off their love for the sport.
  • Team-branded caps, scarves, or socks to help them show support for their favorite team in style.
  • Football-themed books, magazines, or DVDs featuring historic matches, player biographies, or interesting insights into the sport.

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